William Grand and sons Aerstone single malt scotch Whisky. Single malt. Two choices. Sea cask, smooth and easy. Land cask, rich and smoky.
A wooden barrel of Aerstone Whiskey being picked up by someone wearing thick gloves

Two 10 Year Single Malts. Two very different tastes.

Aerstone simplifies single malt scotch whisky into Smooth and Easy or Rich and Smoky. Both are bold, must-try single malts with two distinctive styles, clearly defined by their taste profile. Rich and Smoky or Smooth and Easy, you choose – sip, savour and enjoy!

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Aerstone Single Malt Scotch Whisky Bundle

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Aerstone Sea Cask

Smooth and Easy

Sea Cask is named as such as its been patiently matured for 10 years by the sea. This impacts the maturation process and delivers a smooth whisky with a hint of sea salt. Taste: Lightly-toasted almonds, sweet cotton candy and gentle vanilla oak, balanced with a touch of tannin.

Aerstone Land Cask

Rich and Smoky

Matured further inland, Land Cask uses Highland peat to deliver a rich and smoky character. This is in strong contrast to Sea Cask with a long smoky finish. Taste: The initial rush of peat and wood smoke is followed by a gentle sweetness. Hints of spice and ripe fruits are enveloped in smoke.

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