Ailsa Bay spirit with a pop of coloured powder behind the bottle

Ailsa Bay Whisky

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From one of the worlds most technilogically advanced distilleries.


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Ailsa Bay spirit with a glass and scientific beaker with ice, both have the drink poured into them

Whisky, hacked

Welcome to the future of whisky. A unique, peated single malt Scotch whisky from one of the world’s most technologically advanced distilleries by William Grant & Sons.

Several glasses of spirit are present with a light shining on them

Programmed for flavour

Ailsa Bay Sweet Smoke is single malt distilled with craft, refined with code. Created by our progressive and talented team of chemists in one of the most high-tech distilleries in the world, it is scientifically distilled at 022 parts peat, 019 parts sweet then micro matured for a precise balance of sweet and smoky notes.

Ailsa Bay spirit with a pop of coloured powder behind the bottle

The perfect gift for the whisky lover and tech enthusiast

In a traditional world of rules, conventions and tradition, Ailsa Bay is for those who believe that science and technology can unlock the future of whisky. An award-winning whisky that pushes the boundaries, going where nobody in whisky has gone before.

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