Made of Iceland

Icelandic vodka

Bring real Icelandic character to the occasion. Made of glacial water and filtered through lava rock for a crisp, clean taste which helps to create unparalleled from a single distillation. Skal (that means “cheers”) to that!

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Batch & Bottle Reyka Vodka Cosmo Cocktail 50cl

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Cartoon penguins flying through the sky, they are connected to a string, and are pulling along an individual who is on a block of frozen sea ice

Things are a little different in Iceland

Iceland is a land of massive glaciers and subterranean volcanoes. A place unlike anywhere else and home to a vodka unlike any other.

Looking for something unique

Looking for something unique

A Reyka Puffin Collins is a refreshing cocktail perfect for when you’re looking to impress and to give guests something they have not tried before.

Best enjoyed in these recipes

Our vodka pairs well with ice and everything else.
A green sky can be seen with a lake reflecting the green light

A place unlike anywhere else

Distilled in the little coastal town of Borganes, Iceland. Surrounded by air so clean CO2 levels are falling. Made in small (255 case) batches in a rare carter-head still, by Master Distiller Þórður Sigurðsson, who is also the local fireman and policeman. Distilled with renewable energy.

What will your Clink* moment be?

What will your Clink* moment be?

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